I would like to use this page so people can find out more about  ODD FELLOWS.

The Odd Fellows started in this country in 1819 by Thomas Wildey.               the Rebekahs were formed in 1851 by V.P. Schuyler Colfax.                              sycamore lodge started in 1852     In 1934 Franklin Delano Roosevelt began the pilgrimage to the un known soldier with the Odd Fellows and we are still the only non military organization allowed.to preserve the american way of life,and remember those who have given there lives for that freedom.  we have had a rose bowl parade float since the first year.             we sponsor  disater relief at 911, we have built orphanage's in the third world and have opened and maintained many in the states. we sponsor the Wilmar eye institute and the UN Education pilgimage for youth. localy we help the village of burlington with prizes for ther annual holiday partyfor the kids. the Rebekahs help us in buying and wrapping presents for the delalb co. foster kids and needy kids program we get the names off the tree in Sycamore. we helped to raise 2750.00 for Rescue Riley in burlington. we help to provide food and clothing for local needy familys over the years.

Some Of The Notable odd fellows in history: william jennings bryan,charlie chaplin wyatt earp  franklin roosevelt winston churchhill, king george the 4th, king gustav th5, king olav,george harrison, ringo, warren harding,  president U.S. Grant

And a big thank you to all the volunteer's who donate there time, the village for all there help, the BBC , Cori for the parade And all those who help to make burlington fall festival a great day in the park.  Tom Carey Vice Grand,  Sycamore Lodge 105.   Ioofsycamore105@Gmail.com

So i hope to see more of our  brothers and sisters from all our lodges. Let's make this a true open, Odd Fellow sponsored event with EVERYONE welcome.bring your friends.